Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Picture This @ St Clement Danes C of E Primary, Drury Lane London.

Picture This : A project pioneered by The House of Illustration

Led by Helen Knowles

@ St Clement Danes Primary School on Drury Lane, London.

Monoprinting & Creation Myths

Following a long story about the Assyro Babaloniam creation myth. The Year 3 pupils created circular illustrations to tell the tale of Apsu and Tiamat.

Rolling ink onto the round tables we laid circular sheets of Fabriano paper and began to use marks and pencil drawings collectively to create three double sided globes. The pupils learnt how to overlay different colours and also what to edit and highlight with each successive ink.

Here are some of the details from these wonderful drawings.

Collage and Weather Gods

Following on from the weather god theme we worked on collage using many old books collected from charity shops and inspired by a night called Collage night which Helen runs in conjunction with Andy Guest.!/pages/collage-night/177929039388k

The year 3 pupils found it really exciting to work with all sorts of different imagery old and new to create their own weather gods.

Weather: Gods, Goddesses, Myths and Legends.

Helen introduced the pupils of year 3 to some myths about weather gods and goddesses by reading out the stories and legends that are associated with Thor, god of thunder in Norse mythology. Chac/ Tlaloc, Mexican rain god and Helios the Roman Sun God.

Using their sketch books they imagined what the gods might have looked like and then exploring ways of mark making used charcoal and graphite to produce their own versions of weather Gods and Goddesses.

The works produced were incredibly expressive and full of vigour and emotion.

Inspired by the manuscript

Large scale screen-printed wall hanging inspired from the 18th century manuscript created by the gifted and talented pupils at St Clement Danes Primary.

Helen Knowles ran two projects side by side over the course of January 2011 in St Clement Danes Primary school.

She worked with a group of children from the Gifted and Talented scheme to explore and create a piece of work from the 18th century manuscript the school had discovered in a safe. The manuscript was to be handed over to an archive and the projects aim was to document through illustration, the manuscript.

Initially Helen worked with the pupils to explore ways to make observational drawings of the manuscript.

Using charcoal, ink and pencil the pupils explored mark making and worked on both large and small scales.

Below is an experimental illustration inspired by the calligraphy of the manuscript.

Below shows the pupils working on a joint calligraphic drawing in charcoal.

The pupils then went through a considerable editing process whereby they managed to select their most interesting and appropriate imagery which we then had made into screens to be used to create large scale screen-printed wall hangings.

Pupil in front of the large scale screen printed wall hangings.